[GIST] Entertainers in Jos, Plateau State laments over the stagnant state of its industry (see full details) ||@fresh9jatunes

Two days ago a matter about the stagnant condition of the jos entertainment went viral on social media as some Jos a list entertainers took to their various timelines to express their thought about the conditions of the Jos entertainment industry.

Below are few pictures.

Jos is known to be one of Nigeria’s bedrock of entertainment, as it has produced most of the big heads in the Nigerian entertainment industry, ranging from music, movies dance, comedy and more.

But the sad issue is that for a couple of years the Jos entertainment had been in an epileptic state due to poor support from the state government and other NGO’s in the state, entertainers go through a lot to give their best in providing solid entertainment to the state but at the end have got nothing tangible to show for it.

More pictures

Entertainers on the plateau are totally fed up and have decided to start boycotting any event been sponsored by the state government which do not benefit the enertainers.

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